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Design. Create. Test. Fail. Repeat.

When it comes to design, failing fast is the name of the game. Through exploring many solutions and creating several UI/UX iterations, I designed Tori, a minimalist, music-exploration experience.


Creative Solutions to UX Problems.

This simple mobile game about juggling colorful balls deserved an equally simple UI. By creatively merging multiple elements into one, I created a minimal UI that conveyed all necessary information for TapTapPop!

Mark Cuban Center:
Assembly Hall Augmented

Creating an AR experience.

Assembly Hall Augmented was my first leap into AR development. While VR attempts to immerse players in a virtual world, AR does the opposite. I brought a virtual basketball court into IU's Assembly Hall Basketball Stadium.

Mark Cuban Center:
IU Arcade

Ensuring Continuity + Usability

The Mark Cuban Center at IU needed an online arcade to get fans excited about IU athletics. I designed the user experience for three games that we developed, as well as the site that would house them.

Are You a Farmer Game-01.jpg
Are You a Farmer?

Promoting a Brand with a Game

The 'I'm a Farmer' campaign was a major branding initiative for FFBT and we wanted to promote that initiative in a unique way - by making a game that teaches customers what it means to be a 'Farmer.'

Assembly Hall AR
IU Arcade
Are You a Farmer
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