I'm a gamer, so I have a bit of a passion for games. Games offer players an experience that no other medium can offer.


When someone plays a game, they become the protagonist of that story. They achieve a goal, fail a mission, or make a decision. Nothing else - not a book, not a movie, not a song - can offer the same level of intimacy.

I come from a UX Design background, so when I create a game, the player experience is always on the forefront of my mind.

The games I've experienced have truly helped shape who I am today, and I'm excited to create awesome experiences for others to enjoy.


Design. Create. Test. Fail. Repeat.

When it comes to design, failing fast is the name of the game. Through exploring many solutions and creating several UI/UX iterations, I designed Tori, a minimalist, music-exploration experience.


Creative Solutions to UX Problems.

This simple mobile game about juggling colorful balls deserved an equally simple UI. By creatively merging multiple elements into one, I created a minimal UI that conveyed all necessary information for TapTapPop!

Mark Cuban Center:
Assembly Hall Augmented

Creating an AR experience.

Assembly Hall Augmented was my first leap into AR development. While VR attempts to immerse players in a virtual world, AR does the opposite. I brought a virtual basketball court into IU's Assembly Hall Basketball Stadium.

Mark Cuban Center:
IU Arcade

Ensuring Continuity + Usability

The Mark Cuban Center at IU needed an online arcade to get fans excited about IU athletics. I designed the user experience for three games that we developed, as well as the site that would house them.

Are You a Farmer Game-01.jpg
Are You a Farmer?

Promoting a Brand with a Game

The 'I'm a Farmer' campaign was a major branding initiative for FFBT and we wanted to promote that initiative in a unique way - by making a game that teaches customers what it means to be a 'Farmer.'