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Design. Create. Test. Fail. Repeat.

When it comes to design, failing fast is the name of the game. Through exploring many solutions and creating several UI/UX iterations, I helped create Tori, a minimalist, music-exploration experience.

I created design mock-ups that made implementation easier for programmers, allowing us to test rapidly.

In Tori, a kami is a sound that the player can pick up and move around in the world.

I ran public playtests to quickly give us valuable player feedback for moving forward with new iterations. 

Weekly testing facilitated rapid fixing. The design is never perfect the first time.

I designed and created cinematic sequences from start to finish.

Originally, players were ignoring the first island and flying straight for the second.

The purpose of this cinematic was to showcase the first island and encourage the player to explore it.

Story Board.gif
Intro Cinematic Top-Down.gif
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