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Mark Cuban Center:
IU Arcade
An online arcade for IU Hoosiers

With the IU Arcade, the Mark Cuban Center aims to get Hoosiers excited about IU Athletics and more involved in the action. Complete with 3 games and a login system, we can gather user data to help us better advertise sporting events to the right audience. I designed the site and the ensured usability for all 3 games.

I crafted a landing page that grabs the user's attention and gives them a taste of what's to come.

A broad, shallow user flow made it quick and easy for users to find a game and jump right into the action.

Users can visit the site and start playing a game in just one click.

It was important that everybody, whether they were on a PC, tablet or smartphone, could play the games. Scalability was essential.

I took the initiative and learned how to to set up a functional register/login system that would allow users to save highscores to a MYSQL database.

I led a team of developers as we designed and built three arcade games for the new IU Arcade.

By communicating with fellow developers, I ensured that all three games were cohesive and felt like they belonged together.

The game controls had to accommodate all devices. Because of this, each game follows a strict touch/click control scheme, not ever relying on keyboard inputs.

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