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First Farmers Bank & Trust:
I'm a Farmer
Developing a large-scale marketing campaign

First Farmers Bank & Trust was facing a problem. Many people assumed that we were and agriculture-only bank. Rather than changing the company's name, we decided to launch a marketing campaign. Here's how I redefined what meant to be a Farmer.

To introduce the 'I'm a Farmer' campaign, I designed a series of billboards to showcase a variety of different Farmers.

As you can see, anyone can be a Farmer. There's no need to be out in the fields, harvesting crops.

With this campaign, it was important to showcase a diverse group of people. Men and women of different races.

The next step in promoting this campaign was with FFBT's first ever TV commercials. Although I didn't shoot these commercials myself, I created the storyboards that would later be referenced when moving forward with production.

Princess Storyboard.PNG

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Not every creative decision that was made while story-boarding made its way the final product. It's important to be flexible when working within a creative team.

Cop Storyboard.PNG

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At it's core, the 'I'm a Farmer' campaign is about knowing who you are and owning it. I needed to create a logo that visually represented that message.

The first step was finding a strong, confident font.


Franklin Gothic Heavy perfectly displays that confidence. It stands up straight, but is sturdy and broad. Its sharp edges are purposeful and unapologetic.


Next, it was important to somehow tie this new logo to our brand.

To do this, I made use of an important element in our well-established 'One' logo: the soybean sprout.


By tightly stacking the words and rotating the sprout 90 degrees, I was able to subtly place it within the body of the letters.


The sprout fades subtly into the background of logo, allowing the words to remain highly legible.

With the sprout in place, the essence of the FFBT brand found a home in this new logo.

A new website for a new branding initiative

When FFBT began the 'I'm a Farmer' campaign, we knew we needed a landing page to help explain to potential customers what being a 'Farmer' really meant to us. Are you a Farmer?

I created an elegant and impactful landing screen that evokes curiosity and entices users to continue scrolling to learn more.

With a combination of definitions, videos, and even a game, I made it clear to users exactly what it means to be a Farmer. 

Although users were at the end of the page, we didn't want them stop there. I provided those who were interested with multiple ways to continue their relationship with FFBT, including links our main site, as well as links to our social media pages.

Just like with any other site, I made it a priority to make the page scale properly with any size screen. 

Promoting a brand with a game

The 'I'm a Farmer' campaign was a major branding initiative for FFBT and we wanted to promote that initiative in a unique way - by making a game that taught customers what it meant to be a 'Farmer.'

'Are You a Farmer' is an educational web game about budgeting. You balance money and happiness while trying to save enough cash to pay your bills at he end of the week.

This game was made entirely from HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery. No external game-making software was used.

Game Start.gif

As time passes, random events occur, forcing you to decide whether to spend money or save it. There's a database of over 50 random events to encounter!

Random Event.gif
Meet Budgit.gif

Say hello to Budgit! I created this cute little character to introduce the player to the game and keep them company while they play.

Sometimes, Budgit likes to crack a joke. What's life without a little laughter? 

Floating Face.gif

Budgit is always ready to give the player some helpful advice when they want it.

And most importantly, as the player progresses through the game, Budgit teaches them what it means to be a 'Farmer.'

Meaning of Farmer.gif

I wanted players to be able to win on their first try fairly easily, but I still wanted to force them to think about their choices as the played. This took a lot of play-testing and tweaking to get right.

Game Finish.gif
Game  Mobile.gif

With the majority of people browsing the web on their phones, it was important to make the game scale down nicely for mobile play.

Web Development
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