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Creative Solutions to UX Problems.

When it comes to design, failing fast is the name of the game. Through exploring many solutions and creating several UI/UX iterations, I helped create Tori, a minimalist, music-exploration experience.

By working through many different iterations, I was able to develop a main menu that was easy to understand and quick to navigate.

Simple doesn't have to be boring. I designed a main menu that got to the point, while having a fun visual background to keep players engaged.


The text at the top of the screen is distracting the player from the high-paced gameplay.


I combined score and lives into a single element and placed it in the center of the action, in the background. Now the player doesn't have to look up and away.

Lives & Highscore?

The size of the number denotes the number of lives remaining. The larger, the number, the closer you are to Game Over. Highscore was removed entirely, because it was unimportant to see during gameplay.



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