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Renovo Financial
Evolving the Brand Identity of a Fast-Growing Company

As Renovo began expanding from Chicago into 15+ markets across the country, I was tasked with updating and managing the brand identity of the company. With a focus on social and direct mail marketing, it was important to ensure a consistent brand image, while allowing for some individuality within each market.

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First Farmers Bank & Trust

Take an established brand. Help it grow.

When I joined FFBT as their Media Designer, I joined a company that had already been developing its brand for nearly 135 years. I took their tradition-based brand and propelled it into the modern era.

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I'm a Farmer

Developing a Large-Scale Marketing Campaign

First Farmers Bank & Trust was facing a problem. Many people assumed that we were and agriculture-only bank. Rather than changing the company's name, we decided to launch a marketing campaign. Here's how I redefined what meant to be a Farmer.


Designing a brand from the ground, up.

At FFBT, we had an interesting idea: create a new online-only division of the bank, with its own unique brand identity. The goal was to attract customers that we otherwise wouldn't easily be able to acquire with our current brand. This was my process for designing the new brand. 

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I'm a Farmer
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