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Mark Cuban Center:
Assembly Hall AR
Creating an AR experience

Assembly Hall Augmented was my first leap into AR development. While VR attempts to immerse players in a virtual world, AR does the opposite. I brought a virtual basketball court into IU's Assembly Hall Basketball Stadium.

The first thing I require the player to do is to scan the ground for a surface, as this is necessary for any gameplay to occur.

Since this may be the first time many players have interacted within AR, I wanted to make all step-by-step instructions as clear as possible.

The basketball goal quickly becomes the center of attention. I took advantage of this by placing all gameplay UI on or around the goal.

Because the goal and UI are in world space, the player can easily walk around them 360 degrees, making them feel like they're really there.

Thankfully, AR allows the player to move freely around an entire room. By moving far away from the goal, the player can earn more points for each shot scored.

I challenged myself to design menus that I had never seen before.

By using sharp angles and motion, I was able to create some exciting menus that kept the player interested.

For all menus, I made sure that the player can always see the room in the background.

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