Personal Project


Involve UI within the game world.

There are two sides to UI: Usability and Aesthetic. Although the User Interface in Escape doesn't exist in the game world, it is a part of the game and should fit in seamlessly.

Made with Unity

Key in-game objects, such as the brick or the torch, could be picked up and manipulated. Differentiating them from the background with a high-contrast border was important.

I created an impactful moment in the story by allowing an event in the game world to affect the UI.

This blood-splattered dialogue box left players speechless.

Thank you

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through the projects that I've worked on over the years. I really appreciate it!

What you've seen here is just a sample of all the cool stuff I've done. There's still so much more that I'd love to tell you about. If you would like to learn more, feel free to check out my other projects, or visit the 'About Me' page.

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