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Youth Center
A new website for a new location and style

Rhino's Youth Center is Local Non-Profit Organization with the goal of providing a safe place for teens to express themselves through creative media. I designed a website that will help teens and parents join their community.

I worked side-by-side with the director of Rhino's to design a website that was modern and inviting to teens. 

I met with the client once a week to discuss the new website designs and learn more about them.

I collaborated with a team of designers to find a layout and style that fit Rhino's new, modern and fun style.

We would create a few wireframes, get client feedback on those designs, and then iterate based on that feedback. Here are a few of those iterations.

Through client feedback and user testing, we eventually came to a design that we were happy to move forward with. 

I carefully designed a color pallet that communicates what Rhino's is all about, providing a fun and creative space for teens.

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